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Best New Mashups: Book Mashups using Freebase, Google Maps and Amazon /2012/01/27/best-new-mashups-book-mashups-using-fr…
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The Facebook Search Engine – 7 Reasons You Will See It In 2012 | nowrelevant.com /blog/2012/01/10/the-facebook-search-engine-7-reas…
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Search Plus « Wir sprechen Online. /2012/01/12/search-plus/
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“Kill your media consultant” : Election2012 « Emily Bell(wether) /2012/01/11/kill-your-media-consultant-election201…
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Mike Bloomberg’s Not-Campaign Ad on Gmail | The New York Observer /2007/mike-bloomberg-not-running-advertising
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Perks vs. True Power in Google+ /blog/2011-11-perks-vs-true-power-in-google+
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